Susan Yankowitz: Award-winning Playwright and Novelist on American themes and Women characters


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Susan Yankowitz is an award-winning playwright and novelist.
Her work encompasses a wide variety of genres and styles -- drama, comedy, opera, music-theatre, multi-media -- with a special focus on American themes and women characters.  Most recently she has been exploring documentary theatre and inter-disciplinary forms that employ puppets, video and animation.  She lectures throughout the country on experimental theatre and teaches privately in New York as a manuscript consultant and script editor.

Pat Launer, NPR: “Every piece of theater should be like this 'Knife in the Heart' -- a brilliant collaborative effort that forces us to examine who and what we are."

Anne-Marie Welsh, San Diego Union-Tribune: “(Her plays) lead, as the best art does, not to explanation or outrage, but to contemplation."

Toby Zinman, Variety: “Susan Yankowitz's "Night Sky" is a rare thing: a play with a mind. It is also ABOUT the mind as universe, where language is internal astronomy. It shows us that more than hearts can be broken.”

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